A lifestyle label based in Melbourne, Cloud Den is a wonderland filled with playful, homely finds with just a touch of quirk to make you smile. Cloud Den has a large collection of kids decor for creating fun and imaginative spaces to inspire the young and the young at heart. A lot of the designs are still handmade by Yuyuen and Tanjung and have become popular with those looking for something a little different.



imagining Cloud Den

The door to Cloud Den was opened by Yuyuen and Tanjung back in 2012. Both practising architects, they started Stef Collections with a range of customisable felt accessories and homewares which they dragged to almost every known art market in Melbourne! The arrival of their boy refocused their collection towards the kids decor. A little cloud rug here for him to walk on cloud nine on, a little cloud mobile there for him to catch the colourful rains from and the label soon exploded into the kids decor scene. Renamed Cloud Den in 2016 to reflect the new focus, the collection is now stocked in 8 different countries including more than 10 boutiques Australia wide.

Cloud Den is about the simple things in life but with a touch of the unexpected and quirkiness. It is about the excitement of seeing things in a new light. Their boy inspires most of the designs, especially the moments when his face lights up with the biggest smile over the simplest of things. That is the philosophy at the very heart of Cloud Den.

Something simple that will put a smile on someone’s face.


the architects of Cloud Den

Yuyuen and Tanjung are still practising architects, working on Cloud Den whenever they have the time and not playing with their boy. Together, they imagine, test and refine their designs. Most of the time though, they will be at opposite ends with one being the idealist and the dreamer and the other always bringing them back to the ground. It is this symbiosis that, at least for most of the time, results in the simple yet intricate, common yet quirky little finds that make up the Cloud Den label.

These finds now cover their little apartment in downtown melbourne, making it a homely but magical wonderland. A hideaway where their little boy could dream and imagine.

A little Cloud Den they call their own.
What will your Cloud Den be!